Epoxy-lining / coating

Conpipe can offer shop applied epoxy systems internal. We use epoxy from all the major fabricators, as Sigma, Hempel, International and Jotun paint. Epoxy systems are used for different pipelines for example Fuel lines, Gas Lines and even water lines. We can apply from 4” and larger.

Conpipe can also offer for the outside coating.
We can offer regular epoxy systems as well as outside Polyethylene.

External Polyethylene coating provides excellent external anti-corrosion protection due to its high quality, long-term adhesion properties, and its resistance to various soil conditions. We have a production facility for external Polyethylene-coating for pipes and fittings.

Polyethylene coating can be supplied in accordance with the following specifications:
- DIN 30670
- AWWA C215
- NF-A 49710 Class 1