Cement-lining on site location

Cement-lining can be applied on site location. This is only feasible for large quantities of pipe in similar size.

Cement-lining on location can be done anywhere in the world by the following methods:
In-situ lining:
Equipment and crew are sent to the site for lining of sections of pre-installed underground or above ground pipework. Pipes over 24" in diameter are lined by the so-called man-entry method. The machine operator travels along the pipe with the lining machine. The cementmortar is sprayed against the pipewall and smoothened by a rotating trowel blades or static dragtrowel. In case of smaller sizes only the lining machine is sent into the pipes. Limitations in the pipe length that can be lined In-situ depend on the size and position of the pipeline.

Stockyard Lining:
The lining machine is brought to the stockyard where the pipes are stored in windrows. A bridgeplate, carrying an cement-lining machine, travels along the windrows. It stops at every pipe-end. The lining machine is sent inside the pipe to apply the cement-lining.

Cement-lining on location can be done in accordance with the following specifications:
- AWWA C602
- DIN 2614