Epoxy lining / coating

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Epoxy Lining / Coating

Conpipe International has facilities for the application of coating systems for the interior and exterior of steel pipelines.

The products used are generally high technology paints based on epoxy or polyurethane polymers, or other lining materials such as glassflake with resins such as polyester, vinylester or Fusion bonded epoxy powder linings.

Depending on the service requirements. Typical applications include heavy-duty service conditions. Excellent resistance to immersion in salt-water, extreme temperature area’s and wear and tear.

In order to apply these materials for optimum results, great care must be taken in the proper preparation of the surface. It is this area that will determine the livespan of the applied coatings.

To ensure that this is carried out properly Conpipe has a complete range of blasting equipment and accessories.

Conpipe has serviced this industry for a long time with quality engineered products designed and produced to meet or exceed the exacting standards of all nationally recognized industry standards such as: AWWA, ASTM, ANSI, and others, as well as custom standards specified by the engineering community and our customers.


All pipes and fittings can be connected by flanges or by an internal sleeve.

The sleeve will consist of a steel ring which has a heat resistant refractory tape which ensures that the heat during the welding process of the pipes will not affect the internal lining.

Prior to installation, Conpipe’s special Mastic will be applied to ensure non movement and double waterproof connection to the system.