Polyethylene coating

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Polyethylene coating

Corrosion and erosion drastically reduce the life-time of the steel pipework and equipment in many industrial applications. Durable linings are required to protect the steel from chemical attack and wear.

Underground pipelines need protection against corrosion. Conpipe has production facilities for external polyethylene coating of pipes and fittings. The steel surface is cleaned by blast cleaning to SIS 055900 grade SA2.1/2.

The pipes and fittings are subsequently coated with PE. Our facilities are designed for external PE coating from 89 mm up to 2200 mm in diameter and 12-14 m in length.

Specials, spools and fittings are coated by hand application, pipes are coated automatically. Conpipe can supply PE coating produced by either sinter method or three layer extruded method to international standards and client specifications.

The PE-coating is 100% tested for holidays by high voltage sparktesting.